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Welcome to Kaya Yachting, whose primary focus is to provide best experience and highest standards to our guest throughout their voyages. Kaya Yachting & Scirocco Travel Agency was founded by Nezih Kaya in 1998 and has been a respectable member of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies and Turkish Chamber of Shipping ever since. As of 2009, we have moved the base of our company to Germany as tour operator.

In order to fulfil the promise of a high standard as our key value, we are partnering with respectable worldwide tour operators such as; TUI AG, TUI UK, Bentour, Topdeck, Schauinsland, Frosch and many more. At Kaya Yachting, we offer cabin charters, yacht charters, hiking, diving, jeep safaris, paragliding, horse riding and many more delightful options for our guests to enjoy.


As a yacht charter agency, we are a team dedicated to providing sea enthusiasts an unforgettable experience. Our team of professionals specialized in their fields, is committed to delivering the highest quality of yacht charter service to our customers.

Our goal is to assess our customers’ demands in the best way and provide the opportunity to enjoy the open seas and magnificent nature. We strive do our best to ensure you the experience unforgettable moments with our specially designed tours and professional crews.

We guarantee that you’ll have the best vacation by our experience, developed by our European standards and global customer portfolio.

As Kaya Yachting, we’re providing Blue Cruise organizations such as yacht charter, cabin charter and cultural expedition activities in the field of tourism. As Kaya Yachting, we’d like sea enthusiasts like you to experience the delight of blue cruise in the bays of Aegean and Mediterranean where the unique beauty of Turkey is present.

With our principle of customer satisfaction, trust and high quality, professional staff and approach focused to growth, Kaya Yachting takes its guests on a fairy-tale journey through the hidden beauties of Turkey, carrying the pride and excitement of creating smiles on faces and happiness in hearts.

We understand you and continue to work for leading you to a dreamy journey in nature, a depth worthy of your memories and a reality of your dreams.


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Yacht Charter Turkey & Boat Hire Fethiye, Blue Cruise Gulet.
Yacht Charter Turkey & Boat Hire Fethiye, Blue Cruise Turkey