It is booking of an entire yacht and all cabins regardless of number of the passengers. You can use our Reservations page or contact us for yacht charter booking.

Comfortable clothes, beachwear, sunscreen, personal care products, beach towel (includen in luxury yacht charters). Large and hard suitcases might cause difficulties in carrying and placing in the yacht. We recommend bringing lighter cloth bags.

There is air-conditioning in every cabin of the yachts of Luxurious and Comfort category. Air-conditioning is used for 6-8 hours daily as the captain sees fit and the captain also can make changes in usage to maintain power.

In yacht charters two bays are visited daily.

It’s legally prohibited to do motorized water sports in the yacht. But there are available local companies with necessary authorizations that can provide the service during your voyage.

The quantity of life vests is always same with the capacity of the yacht. Life vests are located under the beds or inside cabinets.

In cabin charter, water, coffee and tea are free 7/24. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages can be purchased from the bar on board. There’s a 25€ serving and cooling fee for every bottle that you bring. Only cash is accepted, and credit cards cannot be used on board. In yacht charter all expenses of drinks belongs to the customer and drinks can be served on demand with serving and cooling fee.

If desired, we can organize special events such as birthday or anniversary for an additional price. You can contact to our office prior to departure for details.

First day Check-In time is 15:00. If our guests arrive earlier, they can leave their luggage to our office. Last day Check-Out time is 09:00.

As the captain is responsible for security and wellbeing of all the guests, the captain can deem it necessary to make changes in the route in unfavorable circumstances such as bad weather conditions or crowded bays or harbors.

While in harbors and in cruising state the power supply is 220 Volts. While in stand-by state in bays, the power supply is 12 Volts.

Guests can sleep in their cabins or on designated sunbathing decks. Please remember that it’s guest’s responsibility to return blankets back to the cabins.

Boats are used as the captain sees fit.

There are differences in menu between Standart and Luxury cabin charters. There is breakfast, lunch, 5 o’clock tea and dinner on all categories of cabin charters.

There’s a paid parking lot near the harbor. (Parking lot belongs to the municipality.).

In yacht charters and Motorboat/Catamarans there isn’t any age restrictions. In cabin charters, minimum age required is 12.
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